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Nicola Antonio Porpora

17th August, 1686 - 3rd March, 1768 (Naples)

A celebrated Neapolitan composer and singing teacher, Porpora's ability to set the Italian language to music was internationally acknowledged during his lifetime. Rival of Handel...teacher of Haydn.
"...The Cantatas of Nicolo (sic) Porpora have been always much esteemed, on account of the excellence of their Recitatives, and the good taste and truly vocal style of the airs...Porpora's Cantatas particularly the Recitatives, are still regarded in Italy as models of perfection for narrative Music..."
Nicola Antonio Porpora numbered among his students Metastasio, Farinelli, Caffarelli, Antonio Uberti (known as "Porporino"), Regina Mingotti and the composer Franz Joseph Haydn.

The Porpora Project has been established in order to display and support the investigations into the life and music of Nicola Porpora by performer and musicologist James Sanderson.

Through his fascination with the vocal music of this much-neglected composer and singing teacher, Sanderson intends to create an accurate portrayal of the depth and breadth of Porpora's work and the effect it had on music-making in the 18th century.

As new transcriptions and research become available, you will be able to access them through this site and add your comments and suggestions for further or different research angles.

STOP PRESS!! The edition count at the Porpora Project has just reached 135 with the addition of James Sanderson's edition of Nicola Antonio Porpora's aria Parto, ti lascio, o cara for soprano, strings & continuo:

Arminio's wonderfully expressive aria from Act II of Germanico in Germania. Lyrical, heart-rending - an absolute showstopper! Witten by Porpora for his pupil Caffarelli - long phrases and extreme leaps in the vocal line, a kind of pain that, in spite of everything, is sweet.
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